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Chewing on sweet concepts that sticks

The centre is based in the Bellville Vredenberg area. Facilitated by an experienced and passionate Teacher. Her aim is to provide the best differentiated Educational support and enrichment to all learners. 

Learning and understanding is achieved by using each learners unique learning style together with hands-on differentiated strategies  and technology.  Further more Tutor Treat provides fair prices, superior quality tutoring and exceptional online customer care for extra practice and consolidation. Tutoring is available in Afrikaans and English.

Current Tutor Treat Learners achieve 10 % improvement in their results each term. 


I am Adeela Phala,  I am from a small Moravian town called Elim, nestled in the Overberg Mountains.  I obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from UCT and I have 6 years experience in teaching and using intervention strategies. I also have a Masters degree in Chemistry with ten years Industrial and Research experience.

I always had a passion and love for teaching and it was my dream to open an Education centre. 

My aim is to create a life long, love for learning and to support learners with learning barriers or learners who finds it hard to grasp difficult concepts in mathematics and  Learners who may have reading difficulties.



Fastest maths software available on the market.
Step-by-step active learning of mathematical techniques.
Intelligently adapts exercise content and difficulty according to learner's performance, which ensures that exercises are challenging yet manageable.
Learners achieve better results, typically within 2 – 3 months.
Results are provided quickly and accurately, and parents and teachers can monitor the learner’s progress.

CAMI Maths is a fun and interactive educational software system that helps learners understand mathematical concepts.


Each learner learns in a unique way. They differ cognitively, have different learning styles and preferences.  To meet each students needs is to provide tasks and create activities by applying differentiating strategies, taking in consideration their learning profile. Do they learn better through auditory, visually or kinesthetically as well as knowing their personal interest and preferences. It is always best to use multiple instructional strategies using  a range of resources in order to strengthen their understanding of the Math's concept so that they can make the various mathematical connections for themselves.

Differentiated/ Custom Learning program to meet each learners unique needs.


Vredenberg Bellville



CAMI Reader is a complete reading and language system that helps learners become fluent and proficient readers.

Age Guide: 5 - 18 Years

  • Helps learners develop new reading techniques and expand their vocabulary.

  • The interactive exercises cover the alphabet, sight words, spelling, grammar, and much more.

  • Auditory instructions help learners complete engaging phonics exercises.

  • Increases reading speed as learners learn to read groups of words instead of one word at a time.

  • Graded reading material ensures that learners access reading pieces compatible with their ability.

  • Phonographic reading strategies

PRICE R120/hour

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