Teaching is our passion.  Here at Tutor Treat, we offer personalized individual support from grade R to 10. It is our mission to help build or rebuild the fundamental understanding and confidence. Lessons are fun, interactive and hands-on. We use a wide range of e-learning platforms to offer daily support and track progress. 

We are geared up for COVID 19 lockdown and provide engaging Mathematics and English lessons as well as Phono-Graphix: Reading and Spelling instruction, on-line via Zoom. Furthermore, kids feel instantly comfortable and they love our well-prepared lessons.

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Chewing on sweet concepts that stick!

Meet the Tutor Treat Team 

Adeela, Owner & Tutor

  • Educator (PGCE) 7 years of teaching experience

  • Analytical Chemist (MSc) 10 years of research and laboratory experience

  • TEFL qualified

  • Accredited Phono - Graphix reading therapist. 0819/02

Passions and hobbies:

  • Education

  • Play script writing

  • Choreography

  • Cake baking and decorating

  • Art and crafts

Estee-Joy, Tutor Assistant

  • Read for Africa Intern

  • TEFL training

Passions and hobbies:

  • Education

  • Bible Study

  • Baking & cooking

  • Photography

  • Music

Yolandé, Tutor

  • Analytical Chemist (Msc) 17 years industrial experience

  • Read for Africa Intern

  • Certified First aider and Fire fighter

Passions and hobbies:

  • Empowering the next generation

  • Children's ministry

  • Holistic healthy living

  • Dancing

  • Gardening


Cami Maths

Best maths software available on the market to show the fastest improvement of math concepts. Step-by-step active learning of mathematical techniques. Intelligently adapts exercise content and difficulty according to the learner's performance, which ensures that exercises are challenging yet manageable. Learners achieve better results, typically within 2 – 3 months. Results are provided quickly and accurately, and parents and teachers can monitor the learner’s progress.

Cami Reading

CAMI Reader is a complete reading and language system that helps learners become fluent and proficient readers.

Age Guide: 5 - 18 Years

  • It helps learners develop new reading techniques and expand their vocabulary.

  • The interactive exercises cover the alphabet, sight words, spelling, grammar, and much more.

  • Auditory instructions help learners complete engaging phonics exercises.

  • Increases reading speed as learners learn to read groups of words instead of one word at a time.

  • Graded reading material ensures that learners access reading pieces compatible with their ability.

  • Phonographic reading strategies


We make use of multiple instructional strategies using a range of resources in order to strengthen learners understanding of the Math's concept so that they can make the various mathematical connections for themselves.


Phono-graphix, a phonetics program, is a reading and spelling method for teaching and re-mediating reading and spelling developed in 1993 by the Read America clinic in Florida. It takes the sounds of the English or Afrikaans language and teaches the various "sound-pictures" (letters and combinations of letters) that represent those sounds

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